Frequently Asked Questions

All refunds are subject to a 10% administrative fee.

PROGRAMS WITH MONTHLY PLANS (club teams, elite academy, etc.)
Once a payment has gone through at the start of the month, there are no refunds. Players that want to withdraw from the program will be required to pay for the following month.

PROGRAMS WITH ONE TIME PRICING (camps, individual training, youth league, etc.)
100% refund minus admin fee - one week prior to the start of the program
50% refund minus admin fee - during the first 1/4 of the program
0% - no refunds after 1/4 of the program is complete

Players providing a doctor’s note indicating an inability to participate in more than one third of a program due to injury may be eligible (at our discretion) for credit applied to future programs.

There are no refunds once payment has been made on travel. Many of our bookings are non-refundable and will not allow money to be returned. If credits become available, we will pass them back to the eligible participant.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

If you would like to join a 3D team at the performance level, you will first go through our tryout selection. Please see the current tryout link on our homepage.

Tryouts are held twice a year, in September and April.

Please note that we cannot guarantee space on a team if you have missed tryouts. 

If you have missed our tryout and want to join a team, please reach out to [email protected] for availability.

3D uses the TeamSnap app for all it's team and YDL scheduling. 

For any TeamSnap issues, please reach out to [email protected].

If you are a beginner basketball player, we recommend joining our Grassroots Youth Development League (YDL).

If you have some experience you are welcome to sign up for tryouts, we have 3 levels within our Performance teams for different skill levels.

We are not only looking for skilled players, but also for potential. Our coaches look forward to helping develop skills within our teams.

At 3D we believe that no child should go without sport due to financial limitations.

There are many grants and scholarship opportunities available for our players.

You may speak to your coach directly or reach out to the following programs;

KidSport CanadaJumpStart & Athletics 4 Kids

Performance Teams - Players are selected through both tryouts and invites. Intake times are typically early September for our Fall/Winter season and mid March for our Spring Summer season. Fall season is 5 months, Spring season is 4 months.

Grassroots  - Each session runs for approximately 2 months. Registration is available through our homepage.

If you have left a personal item at a gym, please contact the gym directly to inquire about their lost & found. Please see our gym location contact numbers in the Locations & Contacts page. 

You can find the Locations & Contacts page under the ABOUT section.

Picking out a basketball may seem simple. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, such as the age of players, skill level and environment. Because children have smaller hands, they play with smaller basketballs.

When choosing the correct basketball, be aware that there are three different materials available. Selecting one is often based on the type of court on which you will be playing.

Outdoor courts have rougher surfaces compared to indoor and can cause the surface of a basketball to wear away faster. If you use the incorrect ball for the court, it can result in awkward bouncing and more wear and tear.

Depending on your skills, age and whether you are playing inside or out, you have three basketball options to choose from to help you train. The three basketball materials are as follows.

  • Leather: All professional leagues use authentic leather basketballs. Made from genuine leather, they are soft to the touch and used for indoor courts.
  • Rubber: Beginners often use rubber basketballs. They are more durable, bounce well and are ideal for asphalt courts.
  • Synthetic: Composite leather feels like genuine leather, but doesn’t need excessive use and time for the material to break in. You can use synthetic leather basketballs for both indoor and outdoor courts, as they offer superior control and grip.Basketball size chart

Every season we hold an online clothing shop where you can order 3D branded clothing items.

The items vary each season and will be announced through email when available.

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